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Batxillerat 2. Optional Activity #4. Living without money / Shopping is Great Part 2.

I. Living without money. Read this text and answer these questions: 1) What does the author think of Heidemarie Schwermer? 2)  When Heidemarie’s family first arrived in Germany, what was their economic situation? 3) Who was Heidemarie’s swapping network particularly attractive to? 4) What … Continue reading

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Batxillerat2. Optional Activity #3. Shopping at charity shops / Indie bookshops.

I. Read the following text. 1) Summarize Emily’s reasons to buy at charity shops. 2) Write a sentence with these words (from the text): a) bargain b) bric-a-brac item 3) What are the goals of the charities mentioned in the text (Sue … Continue reading

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Shopping is great

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