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The Signalman (short animated film by George Roberts)

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The Tea Song

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My movie review by…

By Álex Fraile -The last film I saw was Sex Tape .It’s a North American film. I saw it in Spanish. This is a comedy about Jay and his wife Annie. They record a porno film and save it in … Continue reading

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Batxillerat 1&2 Optional Activity #9. The New Collins Dictionary.

Watch this video and find the new words matching these definitions: (a meal, esp lunch) at one’s desk at one’s place of work to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject’s knowledge one’s best friend (in text … Continue reading

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Celeb Grammar Cops (Batxillerat 1 Optional Activity #5).

You might find this is interesting: Top 10 influential tweeters in the UK Follow a celebrity on Twitter and send me pictures of their errors (and how you correct them) to contribute to this post ( Deadline: Tuesday, 11th November. [Thanks to … Continue reading

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Batxilleart 1. Optional Activity #8. Movember.

Watch video 8/11 and answer to the questions below. Submit a comment to be published on December, 1. What’s the man’s name? What has he got to do with Movember? Why do men raise moustaches on Movember? What is ‘Mo’ … Continue reading

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