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My town by…

Sergiu Rudenco I live in cornellà, a town close to Barcelona. In the past, the town was much smaller. Now there is a shopping centre, “Splau” and it isn`t a small shopping centre. The factory “SIEMENS” dismissed all the workers, … Continue reading

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Batxillerat1: Units 5&6 Extra Grammar Activities

Future tenses: http://www.tefl.net/esl-lesson-plans/worksheets/g_expressing_future.htm (table) going to http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com/goingtofuture/menu.php (notes & exercises) will http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com/willfuture/menu.php (notes & exercises) going to / will http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com/goingtoorwill/menu.php (notes & exercises) present tenses and future meaning http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com/presentformsforfuture/menu.php (notes & exercises) Conditionals Zero conditional http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com/type0/menu.php (notes & exercises) First conditional http://www.english-grammar-lessons.com/firstconditional/menu.php (notes & exercises) … Continue reading

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