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Macbeth videos

Video project resources You can also animate your story using: http://storybird.com/ http://domo.goanimate.com/ Some inspiration:

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Batxillerat1 Optional Activity #4 & Batxillerat2 Optional Activity #6. Macbeth.

I. Watch this video and do the following activities. II. Macbeth‘s characters. [Activities designed by Alicia Herreros & Blanca Puigferrer] Watch this video and choose the right answer. 1. Because of a prophecy and the influence of his wife, this … Continue reading

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Word on the Street. Shakespeare Video 1.

Before you watch Think about the following questions: Do you ever go to the theatre? Have you ever been in a play? Do you ever wear costumes? When and why? Now, watch Stephen and Ashlie as they go to Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

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