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ESO 4 tasks while I’m in Romania

SB 82 EX 1 & 3 WB 45 ALL SB 83 EX 1 & 2 SB 85 EX 8 & 9 WB 47 EX 7 WB 48 ALL WB 77 ALL WB 79 EX 4 & 5 If there is … Continue reading

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1) Complete the sentences with the appropriate tense ( Present Simple and Present Continuous) a) Every day, Sulley _______________ (drive) to work. However, today they ____________ (walk) b) Right now, Mike _______________ (talk) to Sulley’s mum on the phone. c) … Continue reading

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Optional Activity #8. The Mule Ladies of Melilla

Read this article and answer the following questions. Submit your answers in a comment here to be published on June, 2. 1. Who are the ‘Mule Ladies’ and what do they do? And why? 2. What is their problem now? … Continue reading

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Bring Back Our Girls

What’s the meaning of this hashtag? Who is Malala Yousafi? a) A Pakistani girl b) A girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban while going to school c) A Nigerian schoolgirl Watch this video and answer the … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the three bears

Now it’s your turn to rewrite this story. Remeber what Louise Cooper did with Little Red Riding Hood. You can animate your story using:

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Units 5&6 Table of contents

Units 5&6 table of contents

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