Simon Smith is an artist who recaptured the shots of London taken by Claude Friese-Greene in 1927.

1. Write down as many places and things that London is famous for.

2. If you’ve been to London, what did you like about it? If you haven’t been to London, what would you like to do there?

3. Write down five adjectives to describe London.

4. How do you think London has changed from 1927 to the present day? Use comparative forms.

5. You are going to watch a short film in which they see footage from London in 1927
and 2013. As you watch they should notice how London has stayed the same or has changed.

London in 1927 & 2013 from Simon Smith on Vimeo.

Optional Activity #10

A. How has your home town changed from 1927 to the present day?

B. What has changed for the better?

C. What has changed for the worse?

D. What would you change about your home town to make it a better place to live in?

E. Try and find old video footage of your home town on YouTube. Share the link.

Find out about Simon Smith.

F. What is he currently working on?

G. Summarize what’s going on in Simon and Hanna Wedding Timelapse.

Submit your answers in a comment here to be published on June, 3.

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