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6 Minute English – Happiness

[Thanks to Carmen Cazorla for the link] Listen to this radio programme and answer the questions in the Happiness. Transcript here. Quiznet.

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Optional Activity #1: The secret of Vanuatu’s happiness

Read this text and do the following activities. Submit your questions in a comment here before October, 8. The answer key will be then published here as well. 1. Find a synonym in English for these words in the text: castaways, … Continue reading

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The Lemonheads – The Outdoor Type

[Thanks to Chelo Moral]

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29 Bonafide Smartasses Who Will Make You Shake Your Head

[Thanks to Mercedes Ariza] Link to The Huffington Post

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Quiz on hiking

In groups of 4, make quiz questions about hiking: 1. Hiking and its related terms 2. History of hiking in the UK 3. History of hiking in the USA 4. Walking tours today 5. Etiquette 6. Hazards 7. Types of … Continue reading

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What ‘Devo Max’ Means for Scotland

Transcript here. Worksheet here.

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ESO 2: Unit 4 Extra Activities


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