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Celebrating Charles Dickens’ Bicentenary

(Activity designed by Mercedes Ariza) Thanks to Rachel_H @ Flickr creative commons Click this link about Charles Dickens life and famous novels and answer the following questions:  1.   When was Charles Dickens born? 2.   What happened to his father in London? 3.   How old was Dickens … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of Dickens

(Activity designed by Mercedes Ariza) You are going to watch a short video where three women speak about Charles Dickens. They are Lucinda Hawksley: writer and Dickens’s great-great-great-granddaughter, Laura Peters: from the university of Roehampton, and Anna Dever: Dickens 2012 Project Manager … Continue reading

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Pre-viewing activities I. Match these words or expressions to their meaning. brawn brain referee glove gum shield checkmate knock out a) a covering for the hand and wrist b) a person who controls a game and makes sure the rules … Continue reading

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Reading Project ESO 4: Reading Habits Survey

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Optional activity: ‘At Long Last, Booze Comes to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom’ (TIME Magazine)

Read the following text and do the activities below. Send them to me ( before September, 26. I. Find an explanation /synonym for the word booze in the text. II. Make sentences using the following words /expressions in the text. … Continue reading

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