Batxillerat 2 Self-assessment Term 3


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The mystery of Tut’s death

[Activity designed by Mar Rosso]


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The carbon footprint

Answer the following questions:

1. How can you calculate your carbon footprint?

2. What information will you need to calculate it?

3. What do the companies that offer carbon-offset programs do? (Step 4)

4. Who causes the global warming mainly?



I     Match the words with the definitions. Write the letter next to the corresponding number:   

1. Concern                                      a) The clothes you need to wash

2. Turn up                                       b) Something you only use once and then throw away

3. Turn down                                 c) To reduce

4. Turn off                                       d) To disconnect  an electric  wire from a socket

5. Heating                                       e) The one you use to wash things in your kitchen and your  bathroom

6. To insulate                                 f) To use electricity

7. To unplug                                   g) That machine in the kitchen that washes dishes, cups, glasses…

8. To draw power                         h) To increase the volume or intensity of something

9. Laundry                                      i) The maximum capacity of something

10. Dishwasher                              J) A bag made of cloth used to carry your shopping

11. Full load                                     K) To decrease the volume or intensity of something

12. Canvas tote                              l) Worry that people have about a situation

13. Average                                     m) To keep something warm by covering it with something thick

14. Disposable                                n) To do or get something for somebody usually by making a short trip

15. To cut back                                o) To share a car with other people

16. Tap water                                  p) The result of adding two or more numbers together and                                                           dividing between the numbers you added

17. To run an errand                      q) To move the switch of something so it stops working

18. Carpool                                       r) The system or equipment that’s used to heat a building                                                            so people feel comfortable when it’s cold

II    Now watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. What is your carbon footprint?
  2. What will you need to reduce your carbon footprint?

III   Use the words in the box below to fill in the blanks of the TEN STEPS TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. Write a cross (X) on the right hand-side column if you already take that step, write a +  if you think you can do it .

 laundry / delicious/ heating/ bulbs/ unplug/ pounds/ jump /earth/ mug/ load insulate /ship /fuel /trips/ draw/ average/ proud/ can/ 75%/ tap/ reduce / 65%
STEP 1 Turn your thermostat up in the summer, down in the winter by just two degrees and you’ll  prevent hundreds of ……………… of carbon dioxide from being released  each year. Close doors to rooms you are not using to maximize ………………… and air conditioning.  ……………… windows and doors to save even more heating costs
STEP 2 Turn off and ………………… your computer, TV and other electronics when you are not using them. Even electronics in sleep mode ……………… power.  Leaving your TV cable box on 24 hours a day uses about ……….. as much energy as a standard refrigerator.
STEP 3 Change all the incandescent …………………… in your home to compact fluorescent bulbs which use about  ………………… less energy
STEP 4 Do your ………………….. or run a dishwasher only when you have a full …………………. It saves water and is an excuse no to clean.
STEP 5 Eat local. An organic, out of season vegetable from the other side of the world may sound …………………., but it had to make that trip on a huge container ………………. Take a canvas tote with you shopping so you have a ready and better answer to the question paper or plastic? (bags)
STEP 6 Bring your own cup or …………. when you buy coffee and stop tossing an……………………………… 20 pounds of disposable cups a year.
STEP 7 Cut back on bottled water. Most …………. water is perfectly safe to drink and making the plastic and transporting the bottles uses huge quantities of fossil  …………………..
STEP 8 Plant a tree. Trees help …………………… greenhouse gases and every one counts. Consider it a peace offering to the …………………….
STEP 9 Don’t ……………… in a car every time you feel the urge to run an errand. Plan and consolidate your  ……………… to cut down on gas
STEP 10 When you   ………….., carpool, use public transportation, or ride a bicycle, or walk, ……………………… to be treading lightly.


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So that you can find an artwork for your presentation

Check out:

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The 3 “Rs”



  • What do you think this video is going to be about?
  • Do you reduce, reuse and recycle at home? Explain the way you do it

Watch the video above and do this filling the gaps activity. When you finish, check your answers here:


  • Make a list of all the tips that can be read on the video in order to reduce, reuse and recycle and reflect upon them. 


Another video: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, in that order



Use the webs in the links below to find the information you need to answer these questions. Remember that you are going to report what you find out to the rest of the class.

Part 1 – Recycling
1. What are the 3 “Rs”?
2. What kind of products should you buy?
3. Give 3 ways you can help the environment
4. What can you do with litter?

Part 2 – Food Waste
1. How much “perfectly edible” food is wasted in the USA every year?
2. How many Americans could be fed, if just 15% less food was wasted?
3. The world population is predicted to be ……………… billion by 2050.
4. How much does food production need to increase by, in order to feed this population?

Useful links:

End Food Waste Now

Recycling Guide

Help the Environment

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The carbon cycle: What’s the deal with carbon?


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Optional Activity #8. Why do people migrate?

Watch this video:

I. Make a sentence with these words / expressions that you can hear in the video.

1) starving

2) to flee

3) asylum

4) job security

II. Say if these statements are true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones with the right information.

1.  People only migrate from Africa and Asia.
2. People only migrate for economic reasons.
3. War is one of the reasons that people leave their homes.
4. Both adults and children can be migrants.
5. Countries always accept migrants.
6. It’s not always safe for people to go back to their countries.

III. Why did they migrate? What are these people’s reasons for migrating?

1. Ines:

2. Shakeeb:

3. Sajwaa:

4. Alain:

5. Priyanga:

IV. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad.

V. Do you have any friends or families who have migrated?

Sumit your answers in a comment here to be published on Monday, 27th April.

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Optional Activity #7. The Box – First Light

I. Watch this video and summarize it.

II. Write a sentence with the following words / expressions that you can hear in the video.

1) to drop something

2) top of the range

3) I’m on it

4) to stack shelves

III. How important is the television in your house? How many hours a week do you watch the box?

Submit all your answers in a comment here to be published on Monday, 27th April.

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Global Warming Facts – NASA


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Reforestation: Wangari Maathai & the Green Belt Movement


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Writing notes for PAU (Batxillerat2)

photo credit: insane_capture via photopin cc

A FORMAL LETTER y Andrea Velasco and Laura Mate,

A narrative essay by Adrià Junyent and Toni Torres

ARTICLE AND DESCRIPTION by Tamara Luchena and Marina Zamora


Opinion Essay by Albert Granados Carla Godoy and Alejandro Guerra

A discussion essay by Kevin Hornero Lucía Lacarta and Sergi Moreira

Dialogue by Pol Galé, Carlos Gallardo and Rubén Sanabria

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One Week Job

I. Come up with 52 different jobs.

II. Watch this short film called When I Grow Up.

1) As you watch the film, try to identify as many jobs as you can.

When I grow up from Jasmin Lai on Vimeo.

2) What is the message of the film?

III. Now let’s watch the trailer for a documentary in which a young man decides what he wants to follow in an unusual way.

1) How is he going to decide what he’s going to do?

2) How do his parents react?

3) What jobs are mentioned or shown in the trailer?

4) How is it possible to discover your passion?

5) Would you do the same as Sean?


IV. Watch this short video in which the director of the documentary Ian McKenzie gives a short speech.

According to Ian:

1) What is the true relationship between work and fun?

2) What is the task of parents, educators and employers?

3) Watch Sean doing one of the jobs here. Report back on what you’ve seen.

V. Make a list of at least 12 jobs appearing here.

Submit all your answers in a comment here to be published on Wednesday 22nd April.

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Stephen Wiltshire

1. Have a look at the drawings below. Which cities are they?

2. Are there any landmarks or famous buildings you recognise?

3. What do you know about these cities?

4. Have you ever been to these cities?

Wikipedia Commons

5. Do you like the drawings? What preparations did the artist make?

6. What kind of person do you think the artist is?

Now we are going to watch a short film about the artists who created the drawings.

UBS “Stephen Wiltshire” from HUMBLE TV on Vimeo.

7. What is special about Stephen Wiltshire?

8. What did Stephen say at the end of the film? This seems to be Stephen’s personal philosophy on life. Do you like this philosophy?

[Adapted from Thanks for sharing it]

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The Scream by Edvard Munch

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Optional Activity 2. Antiques Roadshow portrait revealed to be by Van Dyck.

Anthony van Dyck [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch this video and submit your answers to the questions below in a comment to be published here on Monday, 20th April.

1. Where did Father Jamie buy the painting?

2. How much did he pay for it?

3. What made Fiona think the portrait was similar to Van Dyck’s portraits?

4. What did the process of cleaning and restoration consist of?

5. Why did this process take several months?

6. When did Van Dyck do a huge painting called ‘The Magistrates of Brussels’?

7. What happened to it six years later?

8. How much is the portrait worth now?

9. What does Father Jamie intend to do with the money? What does he want to buy?

10. What does he want the country to commemorate?

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