Our Comenius trip to Italy. By Míriam Murillo (Batxillerat1)


From 14th April to 21st April, some students chosen by teachers went for one week to Pontedera, a small village next to Pisa, in Italy. We met at the airport at 14.00 p.m. and we boarded. The plane took off at 17.30 p. m and landed at 19.30 in Pisa.


Then, we went to Pontedera by train and met our partners and their families. In the evening, we had dinner with our partners in their houses. Everybody ate pasta!


On the first day, we went to the High School and we did the presentations from each country. After that, we spent the morning in Pontedera with our partners. In the evening students and teachers went to the Vespa’s Piaggio museum, in Pontedera, which is a symbol for the town.



On the second day we went to Lucca, which is famous around the world because of its Renaissance wall and we walked around it. After lunch, we went to Viarreggio, a small village next to the beach. We spent time at the beach, playing football or lying on the sand.



On Wednesday, everybody went to Firenze by train. When we arrived, we went to the Accademy , where we could see Michelangelo’s David statue. Then, we had free time to visit the Duomo. Before lunch, we went to the Uffizi Gallery with a guide in English. After that, some students had lunch in a trattoria so we could taste the typical pasta from Tuscany!

Next day, the teachers from Italy prepared a meeting with the local authorities. Before that, we prepared the stand for the free European Market. The Catalonia- Spain team showed some typical food and information from our country. After lunch, we went Nordic Walking with a guide, we went to a mountain in Vicopisano and when we were at the top, we could see a magnificent view of the area.

On Friday, we said goodbye to our parents and families. Everybody was so sad because nobody wanted to leave Pontedera! Many students were crying a lot!

The last two days, we spent the time in a camping next to Pisa with the Polish team. On Friday when we arrived we went to Pisa and we visited the Torre Pendente and we ate in a restaurant.




On Saturday we went to Siena by train, there we visited the square where the Arezzo takes place, a famous celebration with horses in Siena. Sadly, on Sunday we came back to Barcelona.

 By Míriam Murillo (Batxillerat1)

[All photos © Míriam Murillo]


About Mireia Xortó

Hi! I'm a teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for ESO & Batxillerat at Institut Francesc Macià in Cornellà.
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